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Find some of our favourite quinoa recipes below.



Middle Eastern Beef patties with indian style quinoa

Middle Eastern Patties with Mint Yoghurt & Quinoa

Mindfulchef's dukkah-spiced patties, made from grass-fed British beef, are the star of this Middle Eastern serve. We dish up with a speedy chickpea quinoa, a cooling cucumber salad and a dollop of lemony herb-flecked yoghurt. Serves 2.

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Blue bowl topped with seaweed, quinoa, avocado, cucumber, edamame beans and swirls of carrot and salmon bites

Quinoa Sushi Buddha Bowl

Adding quinoa to a buddha bowl gives it more substance and not to mention taste! As it is a slow-release carb it keeps you feeling fuller for longer, prolonging that snack time, unlike white rice.  (serves 2)

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Bed of mixed grains including quinoa, lentils and rice, with sticky aubergine and broccoli

Sweet & Tangy Aubergine with Pomegranate Salsa and mixed grains (lentil, quinoa and rice)

A Mindfulchef vegan feast inspired by the Middle East. Aubergines spiced with cumin and coriander and brushed with tangy pomegranate molasses. A fibre-packed side of grains like brown rice, quinoa and lentils. Garlicky broccoli on the side and a tahini dressing and pomegranate salsa to finish. Serves 4.

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Bowl of golden quinoa and turkish style beans and tomatoes

Tomato Beans, Golden Quinoa & Muhammara

An amazing Mindfulchef creating using our golden veg quinoa. Muhammara – a spicy dip made from walnuts, roasted peppers and pomegranate molasses – makes a top-notch side for dinner. Think warm simmered haricot beans with peppers and tomatoes. Cucumber-studded British quinoa. Get the kids involved with the prep! Serves 4.

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