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THE QUINOA specialists

Packed full of tasty goodness

We're a small business selling fairly traded quinoa. All of our delicious quinoa contains slow-release carbs: perfect for athletes, diabetics & anyone wanting good nourishing food.

The only B Corp certified quinoa!

Packed full of tasty goodness

Shop from a small B Corp business that sells the world's tastiest quinoa, containing slow release carbs. Perfect for athletes, diabetics & anyone wanting good nourishing food.

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Who are Quinola?

We Make Eating Right, Easy.

To us, eating right is not just about yourself. Yes, our slow-release carbs are great for diabetics, waistlines, athletes and anyone who wants deliciously healthy food. But we also look after our farmers with fair pay and ensure no negative impact to the planet by sustainable farming and carbon and plastic offsets.

Our commitment to being a responsible and 'better' business has been recognised by B Corp. We are commited to social justice and equity, whilst looking after our ecological footprint and providing food that is good for you too.

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