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Two plates of crispy quinoa salad with aubergine and avocado slices

Crispy Quinoa salad with tahini dressing

The perfect salad! Crispy Quinoa adds texture among beautifully grilled veggies and greens. This is a crowd-pleaser and will easily become a staple meal in your house!

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Plate filled with quinoa radish and broccoli salad

Organic quinoa, Broccoli, radish and feta salad

Taking only 15 minutes - this is a crunchy and fresh quinoa salad, perfect for a light dinner or as a side at a dinner party! Serves 2.

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Plate of spicy mexican quinoa in burrito wraps

Spicy Quinoa Burrito Wrap Bowl

A simple yet tasty dish bursting with Spanish flavours. Perfect for a WFH lunch. Serves 2.

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Bowl of quinoa salad with fennel, pears and a jar of mustard dressing

Quinoa salad with pears, walnuts and honey and mustard dressing

This salad is both fresh and crisp with a warm nutty flavour from the quinoa and walnuts; a salad for all year round!

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