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Black chalk background with 5 quinoa, chocolate and granola bars in a line.

Quinoa, chocolate and granola bars

These quinoa bars are great for a quick and delicious snack throughout the day, as a breakfast bar, or a healthy after dinner snack. 

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Flute with creamy quinoa pudding topped with figs and a mint leaf

Creamy Quinola pudding with spiced plums and figs

The perfect Christmas dessert. Spiced plums on top of a creamy quinoa pudding.

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Birds eye view of a quinoa pumpkin cake with flaked almonds and icing sugar dusted on top

Quinoa pumpkin cake

A dessert to wow at a dinner party. Amazing if you're not sure how to use the pumpkin bits leftover from Halloween carving!  Serves 6. 

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Slice of gooey quinoa chocolate cake with icing sugar and flaked almonds dusted across, daisies on the side of the plate

Gooey chocolate cake

Irresistible and indulgent chocolate cake using Quinola quinoa flour. This is a super easy dessert that impresses every time. Get baking!

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