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Recipes — Christmas

Large plate of roasted vegetables, potatoes and pork next to a bowl of quinoa

Pork chops with Quinoa, roasted vegetables and apples and apple cider sauce

Roasted pork on a plate of veggies and quinoa covered in a creamy apple sauce. Serves 2.

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Flute with creamy quinoa pudding topped with figs and a mint leaf

Creamy Quinola pudding with spiced plums and figs

The perfect Christmas dessert. Spiced plums on top of a creamy quinoa pudding.

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Roasted chicken on a plate of quinoa and vegetables on a Christmas decorated table

Roast chicken with cranberry, bacon and chestnut quinoa and vegetables

Boost your intake of goodness with this roast chicken on a bed of quinoa, chestnuts, bacon and veggies. This makes the perfect Christmas dinner and a special occasion Sunday roast.

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quinoa chocolate truffles

Quinola cashew truffles

These are perfect for pre or post workouts as a healthy snack on the go! As quinoa is a slow-release carb it releases energy at a slower rate and keeps you feeling satisfied for longer. It is also packed full of protein. These truffles are an ideal guilt-free snack that tastes delicious!

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