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Microwave Quinoa

Discover our ready-to-eat Quinoa.

If you want a healthy meal but don't have much time, our microwave quinoa is just for you. Perfectly cooked for you, there's no way of getting it wrong, just bang these straight out of the pouch and you have a tasty meal instantly. Plus quinoa is full of protein, fibre and slow release carbs so will keep you feeling full for longer. Just add veggies to make a delicious quinoa salad bowl.

microwave quinoa

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Frequently asked questions

You can heat the contents of the packs in a saucepan or frying pan with a little water or oil.  

No, they are all ready to eat. You just have to heat them up in a pan or a microwave. You can also have them cold in a salad. We like to add protein like chicken or veggies to ours to make a more filling meal but they are great on their own too.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a sustainable solution for our packets as they need to be heated at high temperatures, as well as keep the food in there from spoiling. In terms of the carbon impact of the pouch, it is much lower than glass or plastic and card. We are always looking for alternatives and will continue to work with suppliers for a solution.

Our quinoa in the Organic Express pouches is sourced directly from cooperatives in Peru. We have been working with the same farms for 10+ years and know the farmers and their families well. Quinoa in the Whole Grain pouches is sourced from the Loire Valley in France. Jason has been working in developing the right quinoa for the French conditions for 15+ years and is an expert when it comes to quinoa!

Yes, all our products are certified vegan

Yes, quinoa is naturally gluten-free and our products are cooked and packaged in a protective environment free from allergens.

We don’t recommend freezing the pouch itself, however you can remove the contents from the pack and store in the freezer if you wish. All our products have long shelf lives so you should be able to keep and enjoy for a long time.

There is naturally occurring salt in the quinoa and vegetables.

Quinoa is more nutritionally dense than rice. It is a slow release carb which means that it doesn’t spike your blood sugars and keeps you full for longer. This makes it perfect for diabetics, athletes and those wanting to control their weight.

We are now able to supply direct so you can shop here or find our full list of stockists