Join the #GenerousChallenge

Farmer holding a pack of quinola quinoa

Please join the #GenerousChallenge

We need your help to keep the nation’s spirits high.
Every day we’ll be delivering free food and positive distractions to generous people.
Do get involved!

As lockdown in the UK started its second day we wondered what we could do to help. As a small supplier of plant-based products, we’d already been working all hours to make sure we can get and keep our food in the shops. But as a generous business, part of the #GenerousRevolution we wanted to do more.

So here it is! The #GenerousChallenge.

We’re concerned that as lockdown becomes the new normal, many of us are going to have to fight against negative feelings. So we’re all going to need small distractions to help us through.

The #GenerousChallenge is now live and asking the good people of social media to do something generous and post about it. Each day we’ll pick a winner and deliver a case of Quinola to their door.

And…at the end of the Generous Challenge series, we will pick one grand overall winner! They will win a free Quinoa meal cooking experience with a chef for them and their family – all ingredients supplied!

But the point isn’t the free food. It’s the time spent thinking about and doing something positive.

What can you do?

As you’re here on the website, chances are you’re a pretty generous person. That’s the kind of people we appeal to! And we’d very much appreciate your help.
So please share our #GenerousChallenge posts from our Instagram account (@QuinolaUK). Even better, could you take part? Just do something (anything!) generous for someone else and post their reaction.

It could be something as simple as making someone a cuppa. Or keeping them motivated during Joe Wick’s daily workout. Whatever it is the people around you need.

Don’t forget to tag us @QuinolaUK so we can repost it in our story – and use the hashtag #GenerousChallenge so everyone else can see it too. That’ll also put you in the running for a free case of Quinola – or even better, the grand prize!

Great to have you on board,
Alice, Laura & James @ Quinola