What is the Generous Revolution?

We’re in love with us humans.
We might be a country mile from perfection. But when we all decide on a course of action, there’s absolutely no stopping us.
We have the potential to reverse climate change. We can raise everyone out of poverty. And deal with First World health problems like obesity.
But first, there’s a fire we need to light. The belief that being generous to the environment, to ourselves and each other, is the only way to achieve better.

At Quinola, we’ve taken that belief and made it into plant protein products. They’re healthy, delicious and convenient. Our business is generous to everyone. And we’re actively helping restore the planet.


As a consumer

When you buy a product, you buy the world that goes with it. Given the complexity of supply chains, it is often impossible to properly judge the implications of your purchase, but by purchasing our products, you can be sure that you are supporting workers in Peru, France and the UK. But that’s not all, by swapping meat for plant protein products you’re also reducing your ecological footprint. So not only with our healthy quinoa-based products, you do good to your body, but you’re also making the right choice for the planet and for the environment.

As a business

We believe our business can have a positive impact on the environment and society. And that together with other Generous Businesses, we can help repair the damage humans have inflicted on ourselves and the environment.

Contact us today and find out more about our project to start the #generousrevolutionnow

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