Meet the farmers

Meet Margarita Marcelina Neira de Vilca 75 years old. Margarita is one of the oldest cooperants. Here is an old photo of her holding one of our first pack designs! 


She only has the energy to farm half a hectare of quinoa these days.
She too is pilfered by birds, that seem to be more and more present. But her field is next to her home so she sits out with her catapult to scare them away, but says as soon as they go in for lunch they come back!
She is delighted that the coop has managed to buy a lorry this year. It will avoid her having to take her crop to the plant and can just load it up straight from her warehouse.
She has 7 kids.
She remembers in the 80s government agronomists arrived and persuaded all the farmers to spray their crops with chemicals. They didn’t notice any increase in yields, and found that their potatoes and quinoa lost much of their taste. So happy that the last 10 years+ has seen a return to organic farming.