Veggie 1, 2, 3! Join us for National Vegetarian Week

Veggie 1, 2, 3! Join us for National Vegetarian Week

National Vegetarian Week runs from 16 – 22nd May 2022 and is an annual event to educate people about the benefits of a meat-free diet.

During National Vegetarian Week, we encourage trying to go meat-free for just one week. With many vibrant and exciting vegetarian recipes being promoted and shared, it’s easy to get involved.

Organised by the Vegetarian Society, this week is all about the Veggie 123 challenge. The week is all about showing people that vegetarian food doesn’t need to be bland or boring.  The main focus of the week is proving that it is easy to make a tasty, nutritious and filling vegetarian meal without spending a lot of money or taking up much time.

Why go Veggie?

Many people opt to go vegetarian to help the environment. Replacing meat with vegetarian options helps to reduce carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions. According to the Vegetarian Society, eating a vegetarian diet is not only good for you but also equates to 2.5 times less carbon emissions than a meat diet. It also uses less water.

  • 41% of UK species have declined since the 1970s, (National Biodiversity Network, State of Nature Report 2019).
  • Choosing more vegetarian food is one of the best things we can all do for the planet, (International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), 2018).

National Vegetarian Week will see a range of businesses getting involved. And, for the first time, the campaign will be supported by a number of local authorities. Many of which have declared climate emergencies and are looking for practical solutions to environmental issues.

A recent National Food Strategy, led by Henry Dimbleby, suggests the nation should eat 30% less meat by 2030. The good news is if you currently eat meat every day, you can achieve this by going meat-free on just two days a week. What better time could there possibly be than National Vegetarian Week to give it a go?!

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