Ethical and Ecological shopping growing in popularity

Shopping trolley in front of supermarket shelves

As the Guardian reported a few days ago, there seems to be a growing willingness of UK consumers to buy ethically. This is heartening news to us at Quinola, as ethics is part of our DNA and ecology at the heart of our organic only philosophy.

In the Nielsen survey a quarter of British shoppers said they would choose a Fairtrade or green product even if it cost them more money.

Whenever you a buy a product in a shop, you buy and support all the supply chain that goes into it. Sometimes it’s pretty tough to know exactly what went into a product (do those biscuits contain battery farmed eggs?) and many of the major brands have become very adept at greenwashing.

But with a Quinola product you can be sure that all sourcing is done ethically and every part of the supply chain is optimised to keep the ecological footprint as low as possible. And as we never tire of saying if you even occasionally replace meat protein with the complete vegetable protein in quinoa then you will be reducing your carbon footprint in a meaningful way. Beef production, after all, has a higher Carbon footprint than all transport combined. Yes cows have a heavier impact than all cars, trains, planes, boats, motorbikes and trains put together!

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