A Visit to Andina in Shoreditch

Tomasz Baranski, the head chef at Andina and its sister restaurant Ceviche, was kind enough to show me a couple of the great dishes they are preparing with Quinola. They have an affordable and mixed selection of ceviches, street food starters and mains, all inspired Peruvian gastronomy. They even do a filling quinoa based porridge for breakfast.

First up where some delightfully succulent and crispy quinoa croquettes. These are deep fried balls of pearl quinoa and parmesan cheese with eggs used to bind the lot. These were served with rocoto chilli jam, that added exactly the right balance of sweetness and chili kick.

Next up was a filling quinoa burger, made with all three quinoa colours. Unlike many veggie burgers that tend to be a bit dry, this was nice and moist. Served on greaseproof paper it also felt the part!             For more information on the retaurant or to book a table visit their site: http://andinalondon.com/