Empty Calories

empty plate
It is well known that sugar pervades almost all pre-processed foods these days. Free sugars, or sugar that is not a natural part of an ingredient such as fruit, contain significant amounts of energy but have almost no nutritional value. The body’s feedback mechanism, developed for a world of food scarcity, is not well adapted to letting us know that we are consuming too much sugar- instead sugar gives our body a very strong ‘this is a good thing’ message. This is why industrial processed food is laced with sugar, from bread to pasta sauces. A simple trick of the trade to get you liking the product, to the detriment of your own health. Today, two thirds of British adults are overweight and over one third of children are overweight when they leave primary school. On average we are now three stone heavier than we were in the 1960s! This is why all our recipes are created without sugar (OK, hands up, we have a smidgen in our Express Spicy Mexican Quinoa recipe). And with quinoa’s slow release carbohydrates, the feeling of satiation after enjoying one of our products will last longer. So get yourself a tasty and healthy meal, packed full of nutrients, rather than a plate full of empty calories. Your body will thank you for it.