Quinola Baby in Planet Organic

On a trip to London last week, to see our friends at Planet Organic, I was delighted to see our initial Quinola baby range being trialled in their Westbourne Grove store. Super healthy and tasty, its a world apart from other savoury offerings on the shelf. With the complete vegetable protein of quinoa replacing the animal protein you would find in almost all savoury baby meals, baby gets a far healthier feed. It also happens to be very ecological- 1 calorie of beef needs about 50 vegetable calories, without talking of all those green house gas farts coming out the back or the Amazon rainforest being razed to grow GM soya for the UK’s livestock. And what’s more, our little pouches taste as close to home made food as you can get- all made up in small batches and away from the agro-industrial complexes most baby food meals are processed in.

Thank you Planet Organic for supporting this launch, despite the packaging being in French. Time to dig up that GCSE French (it is all translated on the back of the pack). Given how simple our recipes are, you won’t need to be a food technologist to understand anyway.