Disability Awareness July

Disability Awareness July

This July let's raise awareness for disabilities.

Disability Awareness Month serves as a dedicated time to raise awareness about the challenges, achievements, and contributions of individuals with disabilities. The month aims to promote inclusivity, education, and understanding while advocating for equal rights and opportunities for people of all abilities.

Why is Disability Awareness Month Important?

      1. Promoting Inclusivity: Disability Awareness Month encourages societies to become more inclusive by recognising and embracing the diversity of individuals with disabilities. It challenges stereotypes and promotes acceptance.

      2. Raising Awareness: The month provides a platform to educate the public about different types of disabilities, their impact on individuals' lives, and the importance of creating accessible environments.

      3. Advocating for Equal Rights: Disability Awareness Month is an opportunity to advocate for policies and initiatives that ensure equal rights, access to education, employment opportunities, and social inclusion for people with disabilities.

      4. Empowering Individuals: By sharing success stories and achievements of individuals with disabilities, the month aims to inspire others facing similar challenges to pursue their dreams and overcome obstacles.

      5. Challenging Stigma: Addressing the stigma and misconceptions associated with disabilities is crucial for fostering empathy and understanding, leading to a more compassionate society.

At Quinola, we work with an establishment in Le Havre, France, which employs adults with learning difficulties and they help pack our grains and flakes. They do an amazing job and we're so proud to be able to work with them. 

The photo shows us on a day trip last July as a thank you for their hard work and commitment. 

Read more about our partnership here


Disability awareness and advocacy are not limited to the month of July. It's a continuous effort that requires ongoing commitment. By fostering an environment of inclusivity, respect, and understanding, we can collectively work towards a world that values every individual's unique abilities and contributions.