10 Quick and Easy Lunches to Have at Home or Pack and Go

10 Quick and Easy Lunches to Have at Home or Pack and Go
Most days of the week, lunch is a much deserved midday break! You want a nutritious meal, that is quick and easy to make, bursting in flavour, and will fuel the rest of your day.
Even if you only have 10 minutes, whether that be at lunch or meal prepping in the morning, it is still enough time to make a lunch you very well deserve!
Here are our top 10 nutritious lunches you have to try.

Asian inspired Crunchy Quinoa Salad

This salad is perfect for meal prep and can be prepared in less than 10 minutes. Bursting with colour and flavour this is surely a meal to revive your lunch break. Think salty peanuts, fresh coriander and sweet and spicy ginger. Also as quinoa is a slow-release carb, this salad will not leave you unsatisfied. Quinoa gives a slow-release of energy into your body to fuel the rest of your day.

quinoa and crunchy Asian inspired salad. Pouch of Quinola next to the salad


 Quinoa Protein Punch Salad

A punchy salad packed with protein has every muscle in your body screaming gratitude. Using a mix of quinoa to add texture and flavour this salad is perfect for athletes, diabetics & anyone wanting good nourishing food.


 Easy and Quick Cauliflower Quinoa Curry

This heart-warming meal is perfect to batch cook ahead of a busy week and serve with some Quinola Instant Wholegrain Quinoa that can be eaten as is or heated up in 90seconds. Quinoa is a complete plant protein and packed with fibre so a perfect substitute to rice.

 Zingy Spicy Mexican Quinoa Bowl

Take a trip to Mexico with this super easy, ready in 5 minutes, quinoa bowl. Combing Quinola Spicy Mexican Quinoa with spicy jalapeño peppers, beans, sweetcorn and fresh avocado. This is a perfect meal for when you are in a rush.

 Quinoa Feta Wraps

This super simple meal can be prepared in under 10 minutes and will never disappoint! Choose from a range of our instant quinoa to pair with feta, tomatoes and cucumber for a super tasty wrap.

wraps filled with quinoa, feta and salad


 Healthy Egg-Fried Quinoa

A twist on a classic dish. Substituting rice for quinoa is a great swap to add more protein and fibre into you meal and give you a feeling of fullness for longer as it has a lower Glycemic Index. It can also be prepared in 10 minutes!

bowl of egg fried quinoa with peanuts


 Green Quinoa Salad With Lime and Tahini Dressing

This nutritious salad is brought together with a zingy dressing for a fresh and balanced meal.

Bowl of quinoa topped with a green salad, beans and avocado


 Mindfulchef Warm Salmon Quinoa and Lentil Salad

Simple and satisfying: this is exactly what a salad should be. We make it easy with a ready-to-go mix of fibre-rich quinoa and lentils. Flake over tender hot-smoked salmon for even less faff. Scatter over crunchy radish and vibrant dill. Finish with crisp salad leaves, the essential green. A salad to give you fuel for your work day ahead.

Four bowls of quinoa and lentil salad topped with greens and salmon fillets


 Mindfulchef Hearty Italian Tomato and Mixed Grain Soup

Vitamin-rich tomatoes, sweet carrots and soft courgettes simmer with fibre-rich lentils. Ground almonds, cashew parm cheez and nutritional yeast give it a decadent cheesy flavour. Get your spoons ready! This is a perfect meal to prep ahead of a busy week so you can reheat and enjot with no faff.

Bowls of tomato and grain soup; including quinoa and lentils


 Cheesy Skillet Quinoa

Bursting with Spanish flavours, this one pan wonder can be made in under 10 minutes! Perfect for a quick but delicious WFH meal.

Pan of Spanish Style Quinoa and cheese bake