What is Organic?

bowl of veg and quinoa

In celebration of Organic September we thought we’d talk you through what Organic actually is and why it’s so important.

The term “organic” refers to a product or a food that is produced by organic farming. This type of agriculture began in the 1920s. Farmers, consumers and even doctors started looking for a more sustainable and healthier way of producing food. Organic agricultural production is entirely natural and doesn’t use any synthetic or chemical products. This way of farming promotes respect for the environment, biodiversity and animal welfare.

Today, organic products are an integral part of our daily lives. With over 60% of the UK population buying organic products each year. There are four main categories of organic products, including food, cosmetics, textiles and cleaning products.

Eating organic has several advantages for the body. First of all, it avoids endocrine disruptors such as pesticides and antibiotics that can be found in conventional plant and animal food. Organic products are therefore generally healthier retaining the vitamins and nutrients that can be lost in pesticide use.

In order for a product to be recognised as organic, it must registered with one of the organic control bodies such as The Soil Association. To learn about our organic ranges click here.