Single Estate Quinoa

two people standing in quinoa field looking at quinoa seeds
All the best coffees come from single estates. All the best wines come from specific vineyards. And so it is with quinoa. Most of the quinoa you find on the market is blended from wherever the last container came in from, with variable quality as a result. Ours is all sourced from a single estate: Coopain Cabana and their 500 small hold farmers. The furthest farmer from the cooperative’s central processing plant is less than 10 miles away. Which is why we can say with confidence that you will be enjoying Peru’s finest quinoa, recognised at the Mistura Gastronomic Fair (Peru’s biggest foodie event). It won the best quinoa prize there. And the Peruvians should know given they eat half the world’s quinoa. It is also why we were awarded 4 Great Taste gold stars across the range. So treat yourself to the best: Alice & Oscar’s Quinola Mothergrain.