How to grow vegetables with your smartphone

women looking at phone

Thanks to Taipei-based company OPCOM, you can now grow your own vegetables at home and with your smartphone. This innovation is a farm cube that is a fully enclosed ecosystem allowing you to grow 100 to 200 pieces per cycle (around 6 weeks) depending on the vegetable. The process starts with loading the seedlings into the cube. The rest is then completely automated, thanks to a farming software that monitors the growth cycle of the plant, adjusting the environment accordingly with the right amount of light and water. And in case you’re not home and worried about your babies, you can check on them via an App on your smartphone. The farm cube is equipped with cameras and sensors that monitor everything, from PH levels to the light settings. Apparently, the vegetables produced in these cubes are better for you than anything you can buy. Plus, the water is UV light purified, which means you don’t need to wash before eating. The company also came up with a farm container, made of multiple farm cubes. It is solar powered and can grow up to 2,000 plants at once. If you have a lot of vegetarian friends, you’ll know what to do next time you invite them over for dinner.