B Corp Month March 2023

B Corp Month March 2023

What is a B Corp?


B Corps are companies that meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

What's their purpose?

Our most challenging problems cannot be solved by governments and nonprofits alone. By harnessing the power of business, B Corps commit to positively impact all stakeholders – workers, communities, customers, and our planet.  

Why is Quinola B Corp?

We believe in humans and our capability to be generous to others. We try to be generously ethical. We have been sourcing our quinoa from the same cooperatives in Peru and France for over a decade and pay the farmers fairly. Our grains are packed in a facility in France which employs 19 adults with learning difficulties, a community that has an unemployment rate of 94%.

We also try to be generously environmental. Quinoa is non-irrigated, we don't use fossil fuel fertilizer and only one application of pesticide if necessary.