Gut health – how can you improve yours?

bowl of quinoa, feta and avocado salad

‘Gut health’ is having its time. I have never quite understood why protein messaging is still so strong. Great for quinoa given it is the ‘rock star’ of the plant protein world. But it is nonetheless strange because apart from a handful of people that are lazy with their diets absolutely nobody in Europe has a protein deficiency. Fact.
Most people eat far too much protein. It’s very much a developing world problem. Detectable by a carrot tinge in black hair.However, pretty much everyone has a fibre deficiency. According to the British Nutrition Foundation some 90% of Brits are fibre deficient.
Yes. 9 out of 10 people.Why? Well anything that is ultra-processed (think a large part of your supermarket) ain’t going to have much, if any, fibre. Simplistically think of fibre as straw. In simply processed or unprocessed food you get the fibre. In ultra-processed food it has been so cut up and mashed by machines that the straw has turned to dust and so does nothing for you.

How can Quinola help my gut?
Which is where Quinola can come to your rescue. All of our products are sources of fibre. Easy. Quinoa is a great source of fibre. White quinoa contains 4X the fibre of white rice, and if you go for red or black quinoa the fibre is even higher (instantly recognisable in the crunchier texture). Our Three Colour Quinoa is a great way to try them all and lead to a healthy gut!

Why is fibre good for my gut?
It is essential for gut health and is the star of transit- which is the polite word for a number 2 in the loo. When you lack fibre, you get constipated (especially if you are ingesting loads of chewing gum like gluten at the same time). That isn’t very pleasant and isn’t great for the gut. And with a less fluid passage of digested food through the intestine comes bloating, which isn’t particularly comfortable either.
But our quinoa doesn’t only pack a fibre punch. It also comes loaded with magnesium. On average our various quinoas come in with around 80mg of magnesium per 100g of cooked product.

What does magnesium do?
Apart from combust into a fire ball when put into contact with water, as I remember from chemistry experiments at school! It also doubles up on what the fibre does and helps you to poo.So if you want food to transit through your gut in a smooth and orderly fashion don’t forget to give it a helping hand with some Quinola. After all we are here to help!Find out more benefits of fibre here