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Quinola: Peru’s finest and tastiest quinoa

At Quinola we are convinced that you will fall in love with quinoa. That is why we only do quinoa based products. It almost feels like an Elizabethan trying to convince you of the wonders of the potato. Quinoa will become an everyday superfood.

Five reasons why everyone should try quinola!


You wouldn’t buy cheap rice or pasta, so you can now discover how much better Quinola is relative to white label quinoa.
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Quinola is deeply ethical. The farmers in Cabana avoid being squeezed at the bottom of the production chain via the Fairtrade guarantees.
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Easy to cook

If you can cook pasta or rice, you can cook quinoa.
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Super healthy

Quinoa is a complete protein that can replace meat, it is full of vitamins, is gluten and cholesterol free.
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Great for the planet

It is sustainably organic (we don’t just go for the organic label), so not only is it good for you but for the planet too.
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