Cherry Clafoutis

Baking tin filled with quinoa cherry cake with cherries dotted around the edge

200g cherries, halved and pitted
6o g quinola flour
50 g ground almonds
125 g caster sugar
2 large eggs plus 2 egg yolks
1 tsp vanilla essence
100ml milk
150ml double cream
flaked almond to garnish (optional)
2 tbs brandy (optional)

Serves 2.

Heat an oven to 160˚.

In a mixing bowl, stir the quinoa flour, ground almonds and sugar. In a separate bowl using a whisk, whisk the eggs with egg yolks and vanilla essence, add cream, milk and brandy and stir well. Pour the liquid into the dry ingredients and stir to make a smooth batter.

Place it into an ovenproof dish (1.25litre), scatter the halved pitted cherries on the top and bake for about 40/ 45 minutes, until slightly wobbly in the middle. Sprinkle some flaked almonds on the top. Serve warm with pouring cream, ice cream or sour cream.