Cheesy Quinoa

Dish of cheesy quinoa bake next to a plate of greens and a slice of cheesy quinoa. A slinky and kids toys placed around the background

70g butter
60ml milk
65g plain flour
400g cooked pearl quinoa
120g grated cheese and 20g extra for the grilled top
1tsp garlic granules
1tsp salt

In a pan melt the butter on medium heat. Add sieved plain flour and stir with the wooden spoon until soft batter consistency.

Add the milk slowly, mixing all the time until smooth.

Add the garlic and the salt and cook for a couple of minutes until the sauce is thick and smooth. Stir in the grated cheese.

Add the sauce to the cooked quinoa and mix well. Pour it into a baking dish, sprinkle with the remaining grated cheese and place under a grill for a few