Beetroot and Orange Quinoa Salad

Plate of quinoa, beetroot and orange salad with a packet of quinola on the side

Beetroot and Quinoa are both wonderful ingredients to incorporate into your diet for two reasons. The first is that they are both superfoods packed full of nutrition. Both contain a high amount of fibre - which improves digestion and helps maintains a healthy bowel. Combined, they help boost your immune system and support brain and heart health. And secondly, and most importantly, they are both super tasty! This beetroot and orange quinoa salad is therefore a great addition to your weekly meals.


2x Quinola White and Red Express Quinoa packets
1x 250g pack of Love Beetroot cooked beetroot
2 Oranges
100g Rocket
100g feta, crumbled
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 tbsp white wine vinegar
50g walnut pieces
Salt and pepper to taste


1. Cook the quinoa according to pack instructions. Place into a large bowl or serving platter with the rocket.
2. Drain the beetroot and cut it into wedges. Use a sharp knife to peel and segment one of the oranges.
3. Halve the other orange and squeeze it into a small bowl with the vinegar, olive oil, and seasoning. Mix well.
4. Toast the walnut pieces in a dry frying pan.
5. Top the quinoa with the beetroot and orange segments, drizzle with the orange dressing and garnish with the walnuts and crumbled feta.

And Enjoy!