Quinoa Recipes used by the Farmers that Grow them

Bottle of Quinoa Juice

A trip to visit the farmers in Peru left me with lots of new quinoa recipes! Hera few of my favourites. 

1) Quispino made with quinoa flour and water with a bit of chalk (less than 0.5% for minerals)- eat as snack and slightly chewy texture

2) Pesce (not sure right spelling!) quinoa with milk and cheese 

3) Piquante con quinoa. Quinoa mixed with boiled chicken and veg, accompanied by sun dried potatoes that go black in sun and have been boiled

4) Polo al horno. Roast chicken with quinoa- my dish had an extra few sweet tubers added!

5) Quinoa juice. How to make: cook 250g quinoa in 5 litres of water. When quinoa well cooked let it call down in water and add 1 litre of orange juice and 400g of sugar. A refreshing and energetic drink. 

6) Black quinoa cake. (Also a vintage image of our old packaging!)
The Recipe
three cups of black quinoa flour
1 cup of wheat flour
6 eggs
¼ kg butter
2 cups of sugar
Yeast to rise
3 cups milk
Cook in wood oven for about 30 minutes- but if you have electric oven you need to cook for 1 hour
Top tip- add vanilla or cocoa