Great British Chefs get introduced to Quinola

Last week I was invited up to the offices of Great British Chefs, the destination website for all your recipe needs. The challenge was to prepare a Quinola based meal for 10 with probably the world’s worst oven! Not being a great British Chef by any stretch of the imagination I felt rather underqualified for the task. I had offered a range of dishes, and Eliot had chosen roast winter vegetables with quinoa as the most seasonal. Given that he was looking after the shopping, was a bit surprised to find Brussel sprouts, celeriac, turnip and sweet potato as the vegetables on offer. Having never baked a brussel sprout in my life I had to enlist some advice from Eliot, whose many years working in kitchens has equipped him with all that needs to be known. So the chopped vegetables went into the oven glazed in a mixture of oil and honey or agave syrup, with some thyme and rosemary to accompany. The red and white Quinola were cooked up and shot through with the remains of the honey and olive oil, a bit of vinegar, decent amount of salt and pepper, and a finely sliced raw red onion. Good reception from all the hungry tasters, and here is the link to Mecca’s blog on the visit, although mostly focused on Quinola itself! ( I am not complaining)