Eat Your Spoon!

There’s finally a solution for disposable forks and spoons that limits plastic waste. Instead of ending in a landfill, you can eat them. This concept has been developed in India, the world’s largest user of disposable cutlery, where 120 million pieces get thrown out each year. The company behind it is called Bakey’s Edible Cutlery and was founded in India in 2010. Bakey’s offers an alternative solution: cutlery made of millet, rice and wheat. And guess what, they also come in different flavors! You can buy 100 pieces for less than £3, which is a tiny bit more expensive than plastic cutlery. Bakey’s utensils have a shelf life of 3 years and contain no preservatives. And if you don’t feel like eating them, they will decompose within a few days! What’s next? Quinoa made edible plates?