Awards Galore! Three Great Taste Awards

Three Great Taste Awards

We’ve been putting a lot of work into our brand this year and we are so delighted to announce that we have won three new Great Taste Awards. This brings our Award tally since our launch to a total of 18 Awards, which is pretty amazing. You don’t have to just take our word for it when we say our products taste fab, as the judges comments highlight – healthy doesn’t mean boring.

Our winning products were the following and here are a few snippets from what the various judges had to say. Just to be clear these are all blind taste tests so none of the judging panels know the brands behind the food.

Wholegrain Express Quinoa – 2 Stars:

This varietal is grown in the Loire Valley in France, and is available in Auchan France, Morrison’s and Booths in the UK and SuperValu Ireland amongst other retailers:

The flavour was absolutely delicious – nutty, savoury, slightly sweet and an almost creamy finish. Really excellent quality grains, with a full, rounded flavour and lovely bite to them.’


Brown & Black Rice Cakes with Quinoa – 1 Star:

Available in most Holland & Barrett’s in both the UK and Ireland:

‘A very attractive rice cake, studded and flecked with seasoning and alternating rices. A good snap and crunch, this rice cake held its overall shape and did not crumble, with an interestingly slightly softer than expected mouthfeel. The flavours were delicate, reflecting the simple nature of this healthy snack… lending itself to many applications, sweet or savoury.’

Three Colour Quinoa – 1 Star:

These varietals are grown in the Peruvian Altiplano. They are packed in some fab new recyclable plastic pouches and, like all our products, is available Ocado.

‘A very attractive mix of the three colours which would bring visual interest to any dish. The aroma when cooking was very nutty and was easy to prepare. The contrast in texture between the 3 types of quinoa here made for an interesting mouthfeel, as the soft white quinoa and the especially slightly crackly black quinoa combined well. The flavour was wholesome, nutty and uncomplicated making it a perfect canvas to layer flavours and add to practically anything. A bright and tasty grain, which should be a cupboard staple for all.’