Quinola Mothergrain

Winners of 6 great taste awards!

  • Our french quinoa and quinoa flour have won two Great Taste Awards in 2016

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Quinola: Peru’s finest and tastiest quinoa

We pride ourselves on sourcing  the finest quinoa based products available.

It started with a three year quest in Peru searching for the finest quinoa there is, and once we found it, we dedicated ourselves solely to the production of premium quinoa products.

Five reasons why everyone should try quinola!


Discover the benefits of Quinola versus cheap white label quinoa.
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Quinola’s philosophy is deeply ethical. We ensure the farmers in Cabana avoid being squeezed at the bottom of the production chain using Fairtrade guarantees.


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Easy to cook

As simple as cooking pasta or rice.
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Super healthy

Quinoa is a complete, organic, vegetable protein that contains all nine of the essential amino acids necessary for dietary needs. It’s vitamin rich and gluten and cholesterol free.
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Great for the planet

We ensure that Quinola is sustainably organic and don’t just go for the organic label alone. By doing this you have the assurance that it benefits both your health and the environment.
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