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Our quinoa bundles offer great value to try our favourite and best selling quinoa products. If you're curious about quinoa then try our starter bundle, which has a selection of quinoa to cook, microwave quinoa, quinoa flakes and quinoa crackers. If you know what you're doing with quinoa then the 'Quinoa Grains and Flakes' is the one for you and will keep you stocked for a couple of months! 

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Frequently asked questions

If you’ve not done much cooking with quinoa before we recommend trying our ‘Quinoa Starter’ bundle. This has a selection of our express packs, most popular and easy to cook grains, flakes which can be used to replace oats, plus a kids meal and 2 lots of our yummy and award winning crackers! There’s bound to be something in there that you’ll love and at such great value it’s worth trying them all!

The ‘Flavour Express’ bundle is perfect for you. It features 3 popular flavours, and can be eaten on the go, or heated in the microwave. You won’t get bored of these!

We’d suggest if you are used to cooking quinoa then purchasing our ‘I’m Quinoa a big deal’ bundle is for you. This contains our White, Red and Three Colour grains, as well as our super popular Flakes. All of our products are easy to cook, just boil in water and drain like you would rice!

The ‘Monster’ bundle is a pack of all our 3 kids meals, great for if you’re unsure whether they’ll like 1 flavour. These are also a great size for if you don’t want a whole meal but need a snack or something extra to add some protein to your meal.

None of our products are overly spicy but we understand that some people don’t like any spice. We’d recommend starting with our ‘Plain Express’ bundle, featuring our favourite non-flavour Express products. These are perfect as a base to create your own meal and add your own flavour to.