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Quinoa Grains & Flakes

Discover our Quinoa Grains & Flakes

Our quinoa grains are the best in the world. Grown on the altiplano in Peru by farmers whose ancestors have been doing it for thousands of years, these are guaranteed quality and deliciousness. Simply boil in water, drain and pair with curries, stir fries, stews. And instead of porridge oats, try adding quinoa flakes to milk for a fibre filled alternative.  

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Frequently asked questions

Our quinoa comes from the same farms that we’ve been working with for 10+ years. This means we can guarantee the quality and know exactly how it’ll cook. 

White Quinoa: 12 minutes

Red Quinoa: 14 minutes

In a pan of boiling water, just like pasta!

Flakes: either in the microwave or on a pan, just like you would porridge oats. 4 mins on the hob gives it a crunchy texture, whereas 8 gives it a smooth and creamy consistency. Half the time in the microwave, depending on your appliance. 

We are proud to announce that our grains packs are now recyclable at major supermarkets with bags. Check your local council for kerbside.

Our grains and flakes are sourced directly from cooperatives in Peru. We have been working with the same farms for 10+ years and know the farmers and their families well.

Yes, quinoa is naturally gluten-free and our products are packaged in a protective environment free from allergens.

Quinoa is a superfood. It is a slow release carb which means that it doesn’t spike your blood sugars and keeps you full for longer. This makes it perfect for diabetics, athletes and those wanting to control their weight.

White – The smoothest one. Our white quinoa is a dulce variety, so a lot less bitter than many other quinoas that can be found on the market. As a single estate quinoa, you can rely on the consistent quality of our grain. It also has a firm texture, giving our quinoa a lovely bite.

Red – The nuttiest one. Our red quinoa is like the wild rice of quinoas, with a more pronounced nuttiness in its taste. Add some love and colour to your dishes.

Black – The crunchiest one. Our black quinoa is the rarest of quinoas. It has the firmest texture of the range, and a richer flavour similar to brown rice when compared to white rice, with a natural earthiness.

We like to replace our oats in the morning for quinoa flakes to add more protein and fibre into our diet. You can add them into smoothies or with water or milk as porridge. You can also bake with them. Check out some Flakes recipes here