Meet Terry

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Terry is sensitive. He’s happy, curious and he loves his garden, where his parents grow fresh vegetables. Terry loves to care for the flowers, vegetables and insects that grow and keep his garden nice and clean. His favourite toy Teddy, who goes EVERYWHERE with him, is always there to help. When it’s raining Terry and Teddy love to splash around in puddles in the garden in their wellies.

One day Terry noticed something strange was happening in his garden. All his plants and vegetables had been sprayed with some funny looking rain, and all the creepy crawlies had run away. OH NO! Someone had used pesky pesticides! Terry spent all day carefully cleaning and restoring his garden. Later, Terry’s mum explained that some monsters use pesticides to make their plants grow super super big but that it’s much healthier to eat organic. That night Terry and his mum made a delicious Mediterranean inspired meal with all their home-grown veggies.

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