Meet Tegan

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Tegan thinks everyone should be treated equally. She wants everyone in the world to be happy and get treated fairly. In school Tegan learnt all about equality. Whenever Tegan has something nice, like a chocolate biscuit, she makes sure to share it equally with her friends.

On a Monster Mission to fight for social justice in Arizona she learnt that sometimes the farmers don’t get treated equally. So, she decided to help. She loves to help the farmers with their crops, making sure that everyone works together, gets paid fairly, and gets lots of breaks – this means everyone is much happier. She understands that it’s not fair when some people work really hard but don’t get treated the same as everyone else.

Tegan loves to send her friends, Maddy and Terry, postcards. She tells them all about her Monster Missions and helping to share the work on the farm.Arizona Desert with yellow monster

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