Meet Maddy

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Maddy loves travelling, she’s an explorer …but she’s always had one fear – SPIDERS! One day, when Maddy was traveling through the jungles of Thailand, there was a terrible rainstorm. Huge raindrops splashed all around her and the scary spiders settling in their webs were knocked to the ground, right next to her! Suddenly, she realised that they need her help, and that they were more scared of her, and of the rain, than she was of them.

blue monster with spiders in a rainy jungle

The day Maddy helped save the spiders in the jungle, she realised she was the bravest monster of them all! So, she started traveling the world to help other animals, with her best buddy, Sam the spider in tow. Their favourite way to travel is by boat and by bike – it’s much better for the planet than a car or a plane! Zoooom!!



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