James recently sat down with Ditsa from Delivery Rank to talk about how Quinola can help you care for yourself and the planet. Read a snippet below or follow the link for the full interview.

Quinola was initially a fair trade business. We’ve stretched now to a wider mission in terms of making eating right easy and that revolves around four core values.

One is that we want it to taste good. It’s important, and people forget that. I think there are a lot of products on the shelf that might be super healthy but aren’t that amazing in terms of taste.

It’s also about healthy food. We’re very keen on making all our products healthy. So, one thing that we’re trying to bring is good tasting food that is good for your health, as opposed to good tasting food that will kill you.

We also want it to be simple. In terms of food labeling, we have Nutriscore on the front of our pack that helps consumers identify what’s inside in a very simple ABCDE format. We want it to be as easy as traffic lights, with simple nutritional indicators that anyone can understand.

In Western Europe, we’re now up at about 20-26% obesity rates. A quarter of the population is clinically obese. Why? Because they’re eating crappy food that is causing type two diabetes. COVID doesn’t even rank next to how many people are suffering from a purely preventable disease, or created by overly processed unhealthy food that people are buying.

We’re also very concerned about the environment and the ethics of the supply chain. I’m sure you’re aware of what minimum wage is. If you’re a salaried employee, you can’t be paid less than a certain amount of money per hour, which varies from one country to another.

Read full interview here

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