A Closer Look at Our RePurpose Impact Partner: Project Anant Pranay

First, a quick note on RePurpose Global. RePurpose aim to tackle the most underserved and overlooked parts of the global plastic crisis. They work in 5 different countries across 3 continents and help to recover 14 million lbs of plastic every year.

Anant Pranay

The Impact Project that Quinola support is called Anant Pranay. In Hindi, Anant Pranay means endless love. This Impact Project aims to express love for Maharashtra’s jungles and its surrounding natural ecosystems. The Project focuses on the collection and ethical processing of low-value, soft plastic packaging waster that otherwise be dumped in overflowing and hazardous landfills. There are currently 27 workers in this women-owned business based in Aurangabad.

One of the problems faced in collecting low-value and soft plastic is that it is harder to recycle and has less monetary value than hard plastics. This means they are often left uncollected – obstructing drainage systems, burnt illegally or end up nature. Their low value creates inconsistent income streams for workers and makes it extremely difficult for workers and their families to afford basic healthcare and education.

The Project

This is where Project Anant Pranay comes in. By creating value in the collection of these plastics they are able to not only have stable jobs and incomes but also remove the plastic from our enviroment. Following the plastic collection, the waste workers segregate, clean, and transport the plastic to cement kilns for co-processing. This is the best enviromental option for these non-recyclable plastics and generates energy with no reject waste.

So far, thanks to their community and brand partners like us, this project collects 255,442 kgs of plastic waste annually. That’s equivalent to removing 127 million plastic bags or 14.1 million plastic bottles from nature!

To learn more about RePurpose check out their website: https://www.business.repurpose.global/


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