Wholegrain quinoa, grown in France


This quinoa is grown by the UAPL cooperative in the Loire Valley in France.

After several years of development, the cooperative have finally cracked this new crop and produce a high-quality grain used by some of the most famous French chefs, including Alain Ducasse.

Full of minerals and gluten-free, this variety of quinoa contains no saponin and has no associated bitterness. As it is saponin free the outer epiderm or ‘husk’ of the quinoa grain remains, making it the first wholegrain variety of quinoa.

Although it is not organically grown, the farmers use sustainable techniques. Because aphids destroy the quinoa flowers before the ladybird population arrives in the spring, the farmers have to spray the plants once with pesticides before the plant flowers. There are no traces left in the final grain. This single application compares to 7 passages of pesticide and herbicide in conventional wheat farming.

It won 2 Great Taste stars in the 2016 Great Taste Awards, with some of the comments being “we agreed this is some of the best we have tasted” and “A good nutty bite, wholesome grain flavours reminiscent of wholegrain rice.”

This grain is also available as an Express version: same taste and always perfectly cooked.