Welcome to the world of Quinola.

Come visit our new website – a touch of Irish has been mixed into the Peruvian/French/British mix! You will be able to find out loads on why Quinola is so special, from its organic origins in the Altiplano of Peru, via packing in le Havre to your nearest stockist. And if you are not quite sure what to do with your different Quinola colours there are loads of recipes to inspire you (more will be added as we go along but you have got to start somewhere). Or you can visit our Pinterest page to get links to lots of other gorgeous quinoa recipes from around the world. Join our Facebook community to follow Alice & Oscar’s first steps into the world of advertising. It is definitely not corporate! If you are feeling inspired feel free to send us in your own efforts, with or without kids to contact@quinola.com. Welcome to the world of Quinola.