The Ledbury’s take on Quinola

Greg Austin, the sous-chef at the Ledbury (of two Michelin star fame), kindly offered to cook up their ‘Filet of Sea Bass with Broccoli Stem, Crab & Black Quinoa’ for me on a visit to their kitchens. It is even more delicious than it looks. The black Quinola actually comes in two layers. The first layer is composed of plain boiled black Quinola. On top of this is a layer of cooked black Quinola that has then been fried in crab oil and dill. The mixture of flavours and textures is quite something: which you would probably expect from an establishment that has been awarded the best UK restaurant title three years in a row. By frying the cooked quinoa it transforms the texture into a light crispy carrier of flavours. Quinoa ingenuity in your plate.