The demise of nutritional content


As we continue to farm more intensively, with fewer varieties and on the same exhausted land that is kept alive by intravenous chemical application, the nutritional values of much of the fruit and veg we eat is in free fall. Varieties are chosen on more sweetness or fat, and so those empty calories keep building up. Amazingly todays apples have 100 times less Vitamin C than half a century ago, and oranges on average 20 times less Vitamin A on the same time scale. A broccoli 4 times less calcium and the list goes on. This data is taken from Brian Halweil excellent paper entitled ‘Still No Free Lunch’ published in September 2007 and available for download with the following link: One simple solution: privilege organic varieties which have not been bred for their rapid growth or resistance to chemicals. They are also more likely to be picked at maturity when all that nutritional goodness has had a chance to be created. So remember if you want to compare apples with apples you will likely be getting a far better deal with an organic product from a nutritional perspective. And after all that is what food is for.