Tania is head of quality control at the plant. She was born in Juliaca but followed her father down to the warmer climate of Lima for 10 years when he got a job there. But she longed to return to her roots. She secured a job with the Cooperative in the middle of last year after getting a job with the Cabana municipality. That said it is no Christmas present, as employees of the coop are on renewable 1 year contracts, it means they don’t get any official holidays and often end up at local association meetings on weekends. The cooperants that agree to take on plant employees reason that as they don’t get a day off why should those working in the processing plant get holidays. Like most inhabitants of the Altiplano, Tania has neither heating nor hot water in her flat, despite it hitting close to zero at nights in the middle of summer. So one of the perks of the job is to get in early and have a hot shower (there are communal showers with hot water in the plant) before starting her day.