Stalin’s Chicken Breast


Serves 4

Preparation: 15 mins. Cooking: 25 – 30 mins


300g Red Quinola.

4 chicken breasts, skinned and beaten thinly with a meat mallet between paper towels.

50g Gorgonzola

Handful of thyme, small chopped onion

4 slices prosciutto


Boil Quinola with chicken flavoured stock cube. Drain.

Halve each chicken breast, spreading Gorgonzola evenly over entire surface.

Liberally dot with thyme leaves and onion. Season.

Roll each chicken breast into a cigar shaped tube and wrap with prosciutto. Tie with cooking string.

Sauté gently, turning occasionally to brown. De-glaze pan juices if wished with white wine or sherry. (about 20/25 mins.)

Serve chicken and Quinola, together with pan juices and a little Parmesan cheese if wished, for the Quinola.