Ruth Ayde (12) & Diana Yamile (4)


Ruth and Diana are grandchildren of Benjamin the plants security guard. Ruth goes to a special college with an emphasis on agronomy but she also loves art and history classes. Her favourite story in history is when Manco Capac founded Cusco. Ruth has never been to Cusco because it is about 6 hours away by bus. She is hoping to get there when she is 18 years old as her school does field trips there for the students in their final year. Her image of the UK is via the Tales of Narnia. She has all three volumes which she loves to read. She especially likes the religious allegory that they narrate. Diana goes to playschool. Her favourite activity is painting and her favourite colour is blue. She also reckons that she is good at running. She has two pets: a dog called Tanita and a cat that was originally bought to catch mice, but has proved pretty useless at this, so has become a pet too. She also likes to help her Mum in the kitchen, but her sister Ruth says that she is more a hindrance than a help!