Roast Peppers stuffed with Quinola


Preparation: 10 mins. Cooking: 20 mins.

Serves 4


200g. Quinola.

4 red or green peppers.

200g. Mozzarella.

2 hard boiled eggs.

2 red onions (if only white available, that’s fine)

2 bay leaves.

1 can red plum tomatoes, drained.


Cook Quinola in vegetable or chicken stock (bouillon cube). Slice tops off peppers, discard seeds. Boil entire peppers gently for five minutes, remove and plunge into cold water. Using same water you cooked peppers in, hard boil eggs for 7 minutes. Remove and plunge into cold water. Sauté chopped onions and tomatoes. Add bay leaves. Add drained, cooked, Quinola and cubed mozzarella cheese with a pinch of sugar. Season. Stuff the peppers and replace the lids. Roast in pre-heated oven gas mark 6 / 200° for 10 minutes. Serve.