Quinoa Raspberry Baked Cheesecake


Ingredients for the cheesecake base:

160g chopped dates

80g Quinola flakes

25g desiccated coconut

20g maple syrup

45g coconut oil

To make the cheesecake layer:

125g caster sugar

2 tbsp. corn flour

150g fresh raspberries

1 tsp. vanilla essence

3 eggs

140g Greek yogurt

500g creme cheese

Mix in one by one


Add all the ingredients of the cheesecake base. In a pan suitable for oven. Loose base cake tin. Press down to cover the base.

Add the layer on the cheesecake base and then bake at 160° for 50 minutes. When it’s ready, top with raspberries and strawberries. Sprinkle ice sugar on top. You can add some mint leaves if you wish.


Vegan option: It’s very easy to find a vegan cream cheese or a dairy free one (ours is by daiya). Alpro soya yoghurt as a switch works well too. As does switching the eggs for flaw eggs.