Quinoa falafels

recette falafel video_750


300g of precooked quinoa
100g of quinoa flakes
2 spring onions
Lemon jus
White cheese
2 eggs (or flax eggs, https://detoxinista.com/how-to-make-flax-eggs-or-chia-eggs/)
Olive oil
Grated cheese (or vegan cheese for the vegans out there)
1 chili pepper


Cut onions.
Mix the quinoa in a bowl. Add the eggs, onions, mint, grated cheese and chili.
Make medium balls and let them harden 1 hour in the fridge.
Pan them with quinoa flakes.
Brown the balls about 5 min.
To make the sauce, cut the garlic into small pieces and add it in the white cheese. Add olive oil, lemon, and mint.