Prawn, Carrot, Mango and Lime Quinoa Salad with Chilli Oil


Serves: 2

Preparation & Cooking Time: 5 Minutes

What You Will Need:

250g Express Pearl Black Quinola Mothergrain

150g king prawns

cooked and peeled 3 carrots

peeled and finely grated I mango

peeled and chopped Juice of 1 large lime

Large bunch of chopped coriander

Drizzle of chilli oil


Heat Pearl & Black Quinola in the microwave for two minutes. Tip the packet of quinoa into a large bowl with the prawns, grated carrot, chopped mango and mix. Pour in the juice of the lime, drizzle with chilli oil and scatter the chopped coriander on top Either eat alone as a salad for lunch or serve with grilled chicken or fish in the evening