Pearl & Black quinoa asparagus salad

Eduardo, one of the chefs at Lima of London, very kindly invited me into his kitchen to show me some of the amazing Quinola dishes he prepares for his clients. First up was a ‘simple’ salad that was knocked up in no time at all. He used a mixture of black quinoa, some of which had been cooked for 10 minutes and some 15 minutes, that had an extra crispy bite. The sort of texture you would get before al dente kicks in. To this he added some pearl quinoa which he had cooked for 15 minutes, so as to be very tender. Each of these three quinoas was then mixed into together with some ‘ajillo amarillo’ and delicately assembled with strips of raw asparagus, chopped tomato and amaranth sprouts. Absolutely delicious, and the TopTip you can take away is that by cooking the different grains for longer or shorter than you would for an al dente result, you can really play around with the textures.