Partaking in Peruvification: A Trip to Andina Shoreditch

As some of you may have seen, we recently did a giveaway with Martin Morales; chef, author and owner of three unique Peruvian Restaurants in London: Ceviche Soho, Ceviche Old Street and Andina Shoreditch. Morales kick started a culinary revolution in London by bringing the dynamic and authentic flavours of Peruvian Cuisine and culture to trendy London boroughs.

Ceviche was the first Peruvian restaurant of its kind in the whole of the UK, and the Ceviche Old St Gallery which is housed within the restaurant is first ever Peruvian contemporary gallery outside of Peru. In his desire to earn the title, ‘Peruvian Ambassador’ given to him by the Guardian, Morale’s also runs ‘Tiger Milk Records’- a company dedicated to Peruvian music and PK Peruvian Kitchen natural food products, and is a Trustee for the Brit-Peruvian charity Amantani.

We got a chance to experience some of this Perufication ourselves, when we were given the opportunity to take a tour round Andina and experience some of their dishes first hand. Tomasz Baranski, the head chef, showed us a few of the recipes they make with our Quinola. Customers here often start off with a few ‘Ceviches’ to share between them. Especially inciting dishes include a Loch squash and Quinoa salad, which features Romanesco broccoli and watermelon radish aswell as a Scallop and Chicharron Ceviche.

The main courses saw a selection of sweet flatbreads accompanied by pan braised smoked duck and Jaiba crab salad. All accompanied by some delightfully satisfying crispy quinoa croquettes, made from our very own pearl quinoa and Parmesan cheese. Th croquettes are famously accompanied by rocoto chilli jam, to balance sweetness and add a chilli kick.

Their wide ranging and innovative dessert repertoire isn’t exempt from the Peruvian staple and mothergrain quinoa either, Andina offers a vegan‘Volteado de Pina, which is a pineapple sponge made with quinoa flour drizzled with a zingy lemon sauce.

When asked about his vision for his restaurants, Morales reminds that his vision is about so much more than his restaurants: ‘Imagine a place where you can taste love in food, real care in the way you are treated and feel thousands of years of tradition’.

Welcome to Casita Andina.